The Week That Was

Neat stuff from Wk Beginning 29 August, 2022

Dear Reader; I am panicking

Perhaps that is hyperbolic, but I am a wee bit stressed. See, I have forgotten one of the core truths: writing content takes an eternity.

For a passion project, I'm creating a developer activity log; A kind of free-form standup tool for making notes to oneself and one's team. As part of that I'm building a session management system using DynamoDB, API Gateway Authorizers and some Svelte-y bits. I decided to blog about it and it's turned into... A bit of a monster. I'm yet to even complete the first draft.

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Part of my vexation arises from having problems deciding what to do with the length; Should I spilt it into multiple posts, or publish one, long, mega-tutorial? Which leads me to a new idea; A Question of the Week. You are cordially invited to respond below in the comments!

Should longer how-to guides be published as one large chunk, or a series of smaller, inter-related pieces?

Developer Stuff

New Heroicons

The developers of TailwindUI have just released Heroicons 2.0 for your delightful SVG icon pleasure. Nicely done and only lightly styled, they'll prove useful for all kinds of project.


Sahas Purkuti has an interesting comparison of the pros and cons of micro-frontends; That is, the idea that a team should revolve around a specific, small feature of an app.

The idea is an interesting one... But one I fear may introduce more opportunity for peril then it removes.

I implore you

Activate MFA on your AWS Account, lest you incur a $200'000 bill due to abuse.

Meaningful Statistics

SWEOR have an interesting collection of stats about how Website performance impacts a customer's impression of your site. Worth keeping in mind. I particularly liked the advice to use an F-shaped pattern to advantage the fact that it takes 2.6 seconds for a user’s eyes to land on the area of a website that most influences their first impression.

Developer Experience


An excellent read from

Task Manager of the Week

Everyone is going to write a task manager at some point. It is an inevitability, like death, or a certain Billionaire saying something self-involved and stupid.

(This could be several people and I shaln't clarify which.)

This week's featured task manager is tsk, a Go-powered, terminal based manager with a reasonably CLI and filtering/tagging. I imagine it's quite reasonable!

For Joy

I have never seen a better reason to have robust education for your products. Just enjoy.